Lunch Menus


STARTER  +  MAIN  +  DESSERT    19€00

Vegetables velouté of the day, roasted seeds and onion breadcrumbs

Goat’s cheese mousse with mild curry and leeks

Rillettes of white tuna & smoked mackerel with ginger, beetroot

Daily starter +1€50


Pressed pork and veal with mild spices and swiss chards

Mussels with colombo spices, cream and sand carrots

Braised farm duck leg with honey and rosemary

Daily main course +2€00


Pear soup with maple syrup and cinnamon, pine perfumed whipped cream

Fromage blanc mousse, speculoos biscuit and roasted walnuts

Clafoutis cake with apples, salted butter caramel

Daily dessert +1€50